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clear jewel case cd replication

china cd replication duplication dvd replication duplication blu ray replication duplication factory china vinyl record pressing
cd replication with full color printing with inlay cards and front cover clear cd jewel case packing, shrinking wrapping
  • 700mb/80min

  • OEM

cd replication music audio disc 700mb/80min

master in DDP ,iso, nrg , or just wave file in 16bits

artwork in pdf format

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Instructional DVD Repliction

Yoga Instructional DVDs

Products Instructional DVDs

Booksets DVD Replication Package

®flexible ,bendable dvd replication

with clear digitray including

Cardboard Sleeves or Mailers

Paper Sleeves,

Plastics Sleeves,

Tyvek Sleeves,

Standard Jewel Cases,

Slim Jewel Cases,


Clam Shells,

Disc Wallets, and

14mm dvd black case

Std 10.2mm jewel case

5.2mm black cd case

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