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mini cd replication in bulk

mini cd replication mini cd duplication 220mb 80mm (3 inches mini cds) for adverstising,products digital booklets,software drive,with cd mailer package and dropshipping ,china taiwan mini cd replication mini cd duplication
  • 220mb music or data software 200mb

  • OEM

mini cd replication

mini cd replication 220mb ,80mm ( 3 inches) for digital products booklets,software drive,

cd replication 700mb/80min for music cds ,black metal cds disc replication 

cd mailer bags , dropshipping service

China order fulfillment Services. China cd dvd blu ray books flash drive order fulfillment center.

China Fulfillment Center| China warehouse.

Pick&Pack and ShipWe provide simple and reliable order fulfillment for eCommerce shop 

and Crowdfunding CampaignPick & Pack FulfillmentCD DVD Fulfillment Service Company

muisc cd drop shipping service

film dvd drop shipping service

game sd card drop shipping service

game cd dvd drop shipping service

CD Fulfillment DVD Fulfillment Book media Fulfillment service

Integrating chinaetech with on-demand media fulfillment services

Book Fulfillment services

Ecommerce fulfillment services

Order Fulfillment center

CD DVD Blu-Ray Disc books ,Flash drive fulfillment warehouse


Instructional DVD Repliction

Yoga Instructional DVDs

Products Instructional DVDs

Booksets DVD Replication Package

®flexible ,bendable dvd replication

Audio CD ( CD for CD players or car stereo)
Enhanced CD ( CD with both audio and data tracks)
Video CD (VCD for short)
Super VCD (a better version of VCD with clearer picture quality)
Enhanced VCD (VCD with video and data tracks)
Hybrid CD (i.e. CD that works on both PC and Mac)
LEAD-TIME for our CD Replication service is about 10 working days for 1000pcs-200,000pcs. But let us know if you need your order sooner, we will try our best to expedite your order without charging the rush fees. If time is of essence, consider use our 24-hour turn around CD Duplication service.

Cardboard Sleeves or Mailers

Paper Sleeves,

Plastics Sleeves,

Tyvek Sleeves,

Standard Jewel Cases,

Slim Jewel Cases,


Clam Shells,

Disc Wallets, and

14mm dvd black case

Std 10.2mm jewel case

5.2mm black cd case

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