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The 2021 iFLYTEK 1024 Global Developer Festival Is Coming Up

  • September 22nd , 2021

The 5th iFLYTEK 1024 Global Developer Festival, with the theme of “Symbiosis with AI·A New Journey”, will be held on October 23-26 in Hefei, China’s Anhui Province. 

Since its launch in 2017, the festival has seen constant breakthroughs and formed a business ecosystem integrating technological innovation, application experience, industry empowerment, and industry-college-institute cooperation, to create a hub of artificial intelligence (AI) technology innovation.

Following the trend of symbiosis with AI in the digital intelligence era, this year’s iFLYTEK 1024 Global Developer Festival consists of the World Voice Expo, new technology and product release, exhibition and experience of applications, competition of AI developers, industrial forums, global services, and charity projects. It is expected to be a high-level and truly global event in the artificial intelligence industry, providing 96 hours of both online and offline experiences for developers, enterprises, startup teams, government organizations, business ecosystems and technology enthusiasts around the world. 

At the main venue of the 2021 iFLYTEK 1024 Global Developer Festival, there will be an opening ceremony for the World Voice Expo along with four press conferences for product release, focusing on industry empowerment and cutting-edge technologies in areas like developer ecosystem, technology ecosystem, smart city, and smart education. 

During the festival, iFLYTEK will release its latest technology and cutting-edge products, highlighting the advances the company has made in the application of artificial intelligence technology. Participants are encouraged to to exchange knowledge and insight, experience the best practices of digital innovation and symbiosis with AI, and jointly explore the trend of applying artificial intelligence to drive digital intelligence transformation and innovation in various industries.

In the exhibition zone, the 2021 iFLYTEK 1024 Global Developer Festival will feature the latest artificial intelligence consumer products for smart life, leisure, transportation, smart manufacturing, smart education, smart finance, as well as robots in various scenarios that all present visitors with a picture of a fascinating digital life. 

This year’s event will include the Global Intelligence Technology Expo at the Hefei Olympic Sports Center and an online AI ecosystem exhibition, providing 96 hours of immersive, interactive experiences and scenario-based presentations that allow developers, partners, business representatives, maker teams, technology enthusiasts, and the general public to experience the latest smart products and communicate their love for the digital age.

Moreover, based on previous experience over four years the 2021 AI developers’ competition  has worked with multiple organizations including the China Information Association, JD Cloud, Hisense, and Changguang Satellite Technology to provide 106 different challenges in various scenarios to stimulate cross-industry interaction and exploration of artificial intelligence. More than 21,000 participating teams composed of professional developers, elite university students, experts, government and business organizations, startup teams, and artificial intelligence enthusiasts will present their cutting-edge AI skills to compete for awards at the iFLYTEK 1024 Global Developer Festival. 

iFLYTEK aims to create an influential industry-college-institute cooperation platform for artificial intelligence innovation through the AI developers’ competition, which will promote the translation of cutting-edge artificial intelligence research achievements and innovations into application and production, cultivate talents for the artificial intelligence industry, and facilitate artificial intelligence innovation, and entrepreneurship.  

With the 1024 Global Developer Festival and the future of digital intelligence in mind, iFLYTEK has focused on researching and developing cutting-edge technology and products, implementing scenario-based applications, reimagining the focus of digital life and empowering the business ecosystem with artificial intelligence. The 2021 iFLYTEK 1024 Global Developer Festival has been further enriched in terms of the form of activities, contents, and themeto keep improving on a new journey of symbiosis with AI. 

Spotting industry development opportunities in the digital age and moving towards a new starting point in the history of artificial intelligence, iFLYTEK has sought to achieve its goal of "one billion users, one hundred billion yuan in revenues, and one trillion yuan in its industrial ecosystem", while integrating innovation and production to usher in a broader outlook of artificial intelligence 2.0 through systematic innovation. Through the 1024 Global Developer Festival, we can see that in the digital age AI is empowering various industries to achieve symbiosis on a new journey. 

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