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cd replication 12cm CD REPLICTION 03

cd replication include glass master and stamper, film charges, cd replication, with offset printing .

700mb cd replication, 220mb mini cd replication, 40-50mb shape cd replication, biz card cd replication

Good Price High Quality cd replication

For all CD replication orders your artwork will be professionally printed onto the CD surface by either silkscreen or offset printing -- the same quality as any retail CD's you can find in music stores. Come to us for quality, low price

There are many packaging options available for our CD Replication. Depends on your budget, you can choose

  • Cardboard Sleeves or Mailers
  • Paper Sleeves,
  • Plastics Sleeves,
  • Tyvek Sleeves,
  • Standard Jewel Cases,
  • Slim Jewel Cases,
  • digiPaks,
  • Clam Shells,
  • Disc Wallets, and
  • 14mm dvd black case
  • Std 10.2mm jewel case
  • 5.2mm black cd case

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