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DVD Replication


Dvd replication have a large storage capacities , from 4.7gb to 17Gb, The encoding process converts both audio(ac-3 files) and video( MPEG-2 files) to DVD format. Your DVD can contain data on one or both sides and also has a dual level feature available to increase the amount of information. The film, music and software ,entertainment rely on CET Media. With the ability to produce a large quantity discs per month and strict adherence to a High quality .we can guarantee delivery of the highest quality product and incredible turnaround.


We provide DVD5 ,DVD9, DVD10 Replication blu-ray disc replication

Blu-Ray Disc



Along with the high clear television popular tendency as well as the customer to the high clear picture quality's demand, take will save the high clear form content as the goal storage media will be future product directions. Blu-ray (blue light) the compact disc is to satisfy this market demand to succeed the research and development product. The blue light technology has provided compared to DVD or the high clear cable TV more remarkable audio and video quality, is not only suitable for the movie content, is also suitable for music, the game as well as other interactive type broadcast media.

A greater capacity supports the more entertainment contents in view of the fact that to reach as high as 50GB the ultra big storage capacity, the blue light monolayer and the double-decked compact disc form enough permission stores up one above the high clear form movie content, still and had the enough space for the extra news brief content use, does not need the extra compact disc, therefore this reduced the program source customer cost of capital greatly, and simplified end-user's appreciation process. Relies on the unique coding technique, a blue light compact disc's capacity may support reaches as high as 5 hour highest rank the high brilliant image, simultaneously may also use in storing up the large capacity standard clear quality the media content, for example the TV serial and so on, may substitute the existing multi-small dish coverall compact disc completely by a blue light compact disc.

Blu Ray Disc principal advantage - capacity - creativity - compatibility - content protection - technical support

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