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CD Duplication

  • cd duplication 700mb for muisc, vedio, cd-rom,
  • case packing with insert paper
  • opp sleeves packing
  • paper sleeves packing
  • stardard 120mm, 80mm,shaped cds



CET Media is well equipped to handle mass cdr/cd-rom duplication requests, and offers unrivalled technical service for the cd recordable medium.

CD Recordable with silk screen printing, or High quality cd/dvd printing (full color), labeled and creatively packaged.

Short Run – Duplication Short run CD and DVD duplication refers to the process in which CDs and DVDs are copied in amounts usually not exceeding 500 units. Duplication is done utilizing CD-R technology, effectively “burning” discs instead of creating them from scratch. There are a few drawbacks that come along with the duplication process, but also there are benefits as well. The benefits are a quicker turnaround rate, and cheaper project costs. While the main drawback of CD and DVD duplication is that duplicated discs do not always work in every home CD player, especially older models. Long Run – Replication Long run CD and DVD replication is the process in which CDs and DVDs are manufactured in amounts exceeding 500 units. The main difference between duplication and replication is that in the replication process the CDs or DVDs are molded, covered in reflective material, and then stamped with the data. This difference results in CDs and DVDs that are cheaper per unit and are 100% compatible in playback hardware. The main drawback of long run CD and DVD replication is the production time, which usually averages around 2 weeks.